Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fall Decorations

It's November!  How did that happen?  Where did fall go?  Only one more month of beautiful warm colors and then it'll be my favorite decorating season - Christmas!

It took a little longer than I had originally planned, but I think I'm done decorating for fall (now that we only have a month left - sigh).

Here's the front porch.  I love those pumpkins so much that I refused to carve them for Halloween.  I want to enjoy them for the next month.

Next is the living room.  I have some ceramic pumpkins on the TV stand.

Some sparkly leaves arranged around five pillar candles.

And my DIY floral arrangement and a great free printable (thanks Molly at My Happy House for providing the link) on the sofa table.

Then the mantel.  Every time I look over at the mantel I feel all giddy inside.  I'm in love (what a nerd, right?)!

Ornamental pumpkins on wooden pillar holders.

Pumpkin spice and vanilla flameless candles with garland.

The apothecary jar is filled with mixed nuts in their shells.  I bought two bags of nuts at the grocery store at $4.99 each to fill the jar.

This is my first attempt at a floral bow and I think I did pretty good.  Some extra ribbon would have been nice - a few more loops in the front to make it fuller.  I'll try again this winter.

Last is the DIY centerpiece in the dining room.

I'm really going to miss fall!

There are a few DIY project shown above.  Did you complete any DIY projects that you are proud of this fall?  Anything you're especially going to miss as we move into winter (hmmm...pumpkin spice lattes!)?


  1. Hi there Mrs. Miller! Saw you over at NewlyWoodwards and now I'm your newest follower. Absolutely LOVING your fall decor! Your mantel looks fabulous. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  2. Hi Brittany and Zach! Thanks for the follow! Glad to help inspire! I'm loving all of your tasty recipes and am your newest follower as well. Happy blogging!