Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dare to DIY Blog Party (Week 2 of 6): No-Sew Table Runner (with Tutorial)

This week's "Dare to..." challenge (courtesy of The NewlyWoodwards and their Dare to DIY blog party), is "Dare to...entertain!"  Participants share their holiday table and in the spirit of DIY, perhaps make something new for the table as well.

For this second challenge I again chose to make something I've wanted for a long time and have never found one in the store that I've liked enough (or if I did find one, it was way too expensive) - a table runner!  I chose a lovely print that works with our decor and you can find the tutorial below.

First though, I'd like to share my Thanksgiving holiday table, featuring both my new DIY no-sew table runner and my DIY wine charms from last week:

Here is a breakdown of what you see on the table:

DIY no-sew table runner

Now on to how I made the no-sew table runner...

No-Sew Table Runner Tutorial

To create your own no-sew table runner, you'll need:

Fabric: $11.91 (my total fabric cost was $23.81, but I am making a second runner out of the remaining fabric as a gift)
Stitch Witchery: $0.45 for 40 yards (total cost was $2.99 for 40 yards with a 50% off coupon; I used 6 yards total)
Scissors: $0.00
Tape Measure: $0.00
Iron: $0.00
Ironing Board: $0.00
Cotton cloth (I used a kitchen dish rag): $0.00
Total: $12.36

First, measure the desired length and width of your table runner (length: the length of your dining room table, plus how much fabric you'd like to have hang on the ends; width: this is personal preference, mine is 13 inches wide). 

Next, find your fabric.  I purchased 2-1/4 yards for my project and plan on making a second table runner out of the same fabric for an easy handmade gift.  I chose a heavier fabric (think of the weight of a placemat when shopping).

Then, measure your fabric and cut to the measurements you recorded in the first step, plus an inch on each side for the hem.  I didn't spend a ton of time trying to be super accurate here.  That would take me way too much time and I have a five-month old, remember?  Time is ticking away when she's napping!

Next, fold over the hem of the fabric and iron all the way around each side of the runner.  Again, I didn't worry about accuracy too much here.  I just made sure I was ironing straight lines on each side.

Then, wet the cotton cloth and wring out until damp.  Insert the stitch witchery inside the hem, place the cloth on top of the fabric (it will be between the fabric and the iron) and press down with the iron (set at the wool setting) for 10 seconds in one spot.  Don't move the iron back and forth, just hold it in one spot for the entire 10 seconds.

Slowly move around the entire runner until the stitch witchery has been applied.  I did the long ends first, then the short ends.  When I was working on the corner of the runner, I was careful to trim any fabric that would hang out the sides before ironing.

That's it!  Easy, huh?


  1. It turned out great! Your table looks very pretty.
    I am stopping by from the DIY party =)

  2. Hey! I linked up an easy no sew runner also! Just wondering why you used the wet cotton towel? I didn't use this and now I'm wondering if I should have - haha! Yours came out great! :)

  3. Love that fabric!! And I think I just might have to do this with the piece of fabric I used as my "table cloth" yesterday. It looks fabulous!

  4. I'm digging that fabric. What a great project. And the colors are perfect for all-year round. Thanks for linking up. Sorry for the delay in commenting. My other computer won't let me comment with my google acct so I could only comment on blogs that allow url/anonymous commenters. =/