Friday, October 14, 2011

I love Trader Joe's!

One of my favorite things so far about Portland is our local Trader Joe's store. I had visited a Trader Joe's store with a friend before but never bought anything. Well, I've made up for it now!  Here are some of my favorite products found at Trader Joe's:

  • Frozen mandarin orange chicken
  • Frozen chicken gyoza
  • Frozen chocolate croissants
  • Frozen naan
  • Frozen mushroom ravioli
  • Hot Italian chicken sausage links
  • Banana yogurt
  • Cereal bars - An Apple Walks Into a Bar...
  • Charles Shaw wines (otherwise known as 2 or 3 buck chuck) - chardonnay for cooking, shiraz for drinking
  • Joe Joe's cookies (TJ's oreo cookie)
  • Chocolate covered peanut butter pretzels (danger - these are addictive!)
  • Yogurt covered raisins
  • Potato gnocchi
  • Sparking water (lemon, lime)
  • Refrigerated pizza dough
  • Colombian roast decaf coffee
  • Brownie truffle baking mix
  • Pumpkin cream cheese
  • Curry simmer sauce
  • Bagged salad, spinach, and romaine lettuce leaves
  • Cut flowers

So, if you haven't visited a Trader Joe's store, you're missing it ASAP!

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