Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fall Flower Arrangement

I just love how this new fall flower arrangement turned out.  Again, it's inspired by my finds on Pinterest.

To create this you'll need:

5" glass cube: $9.99
Mum bush: $2.79 (60% off this week!)
Yellow popcorn: $0.00 (already had, $3.99 if buying new)
Brown satin ribbon: $2.50
Jute twine: $0.00 (already had, $2.49 if buying new)
Plastic cub: $0.00
Total: $15.28

Cut brown satin ribbon to fit around the middle of the glass cube.  Use two pieces of scotch tape to secure the ribbon on the back.  Cut jute twine to fit around the middle of the glass cube.  Use one piece of scotch tape to secure the twine on the back.  Tie the jute twine in the front.

Cut your plastic cup to fit inside of the glass cube, so the lip of the cup is just above the brown ribbon when looking in the cube from the outside (I used the cup so I wouldn't have to use as much yellow popcorn later).  Pour the yellow popcorn around the cup until it is nearly to the lip of the cup.  

Cut the individual mums from the bush using wire cutters.  Trim them to the desired length and arrange inside the plastic cup.


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