Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fall Centerpiece

I recently joined Pinterest and oh my goodness is it addictive. I found some amazing fall decorations that inspired a few crafty evenings at home.

First up is my new fall centerpiece.

What do you think?

To create this you'll need:

Glass hurricane: $0.00 (already had, $9.99 if buying new)
8" white candle: $4.99
Green split peas: $1.99
Small red beans: $1.99
Yellow popcorn: $3.99
Jute twine: $2.49
Total: $15.45

Place your candle in the hurricane.  Pour in approximately two inches of green split peas, followed by two inches of small red beans, and then yellow popcorn.  Tie jute twine around the top of the hurricane. 


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