Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Express Happy House Challenge Plus

Molly at My Happy House is challenging bloggers to participate in her five-week Express Happy House Challenge Plus.  Each week, Molly assigns two tasks to be completed each day (2 tasks, 5 weeks, 10 total daily tasks).  Molly is also adding the "Plus" each week - one room to deep clean in preparation for the upcoming holidays.  Molly is even including a list of to-do's for the deep clean (yay!).  I'm excited to participate and hope to have one Happy House at the conclusion of the five week challenge!

This week, our daily tasks are to (1) make the bed and (2) empty the sink, plus deep clean the kitchen.  Aside from our office (disaster zone), the kitchen (specifically, the pantry) needs the most work.  Time to get my hands dirty!

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