Wednesday, October 19, 2011

DIY Nursery Letters

Because I knew we were likely moving either before or shortly after our baby girl was due to arrive in June, I had to hold off on the nursery planning.  But once we'd moved into our new home in Portland (and baby girl finally had a name), I was free to finally decorate her room.  For my first project, I chose to create her name in letters to hang on the nursery wall.

I picked up my supplies at Michael's:

Six wooden letters: $20.94
Six wooden shapes: $1.74
Paint: $13.90
Detail brush: $0.00 (already had, $4.99 for four pack if purchasing new)
Five foam brushes: $0.50
Acrylic sealer (gloss): $5.99
Total: $43.07

To create your own nursery letters, begin by painting your letters.  I used two coats of Martha Stewart acrylic satin paint with a foam brush:

J, E: Sweet Pea (lavender)
O: Couscous (pale yellow)
L: Ballet Slipper (pale pink)
E: Summer Haze (pale blue)
N: Artichoke (pale green)

Then, paint your shapes.  For mine, I applied two coats of Martha Stewart acrylic satin paint with a detail brush:

Hearts: Camellia Pink (medium pink)
Flowers: Blue Sky (medium blue), Yellowjacket (medium yellow)
Tulip, Butterfly: Heliotrope (dark purple), Mint (medium green)

Then attach the shapes to the letters using a hot glue gun.  Next, spray your letters and shapes with an acrylic sealer (I used gloss).

I hung the letters on the wall using Command medium picture hanging strips (three per letter).

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