Sunday, March 6, 2011

24 Weeks

Dates: Monday, February 28th – Sunday, March 6th
How far along: 24 weeks
Weight: 146
Symptoms: Lack of energy.  Increased appetite.  Tail bone pain.
My ribcage is starting to get very uncomfortable, like it’s being stretched. 
Maternity clothes: Yes
Stretch marks: No
Sleep: Sore hips, difficult to get comfortable.
Best moment this week: Monday, February 28th, marks viability day, meaning if the baby were born early, from this point on, she is likely to survive with significant medical help.  Don’t get any ideas though little one!
Movement: Lots!  My
Food cravings: Anything.  Just hungry.
Gender: Girl
What I miss: Coffee.
Milestones: The baby is
the size of an ear of corn (almost a foot) and weighs about 1-¼ pounds.

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