Sunday, February 27, 2011

23 Weeks

Dates: Monday, February 21st – Sunday, February 27th
How far along: 23 weeks
Weight: 144
Symptoms: Tail bone pain.
Maternity clothes: Yes
Stretch marks: No
Sleep: 2-3 bathrooms wake-ups every night.  Started sleeping with a body pillow to help my back pain.
Best moment this week: Sunday, February 27th, was my 29th birthday and I am so excited to welcome my little girl this year!  I also had a pregnancy massage on Wednesday, February 23rd, to help relieve the tail bone pain I’ve been having.
Movement: Lots!
Food cravings: Anything.  Just hungry.
Gender: Girl
What I miss: Coffee.  My energy.
Milestones: The baby
weighs about as much as a large mango (just over a pound) and measures at more than 11 inches.

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