Sunday, October 17, 2010

4 Weeks

Dates: Monday, October 11th – Sunday, October 17th
How far along: 4 weeks
Weight: 130
Symptoms: Heavy breasts
Maternity clothes: No
Stretch marks: No
Sleep: Normal
Best moment this week: I took a test on the morning of Tuesday, October 12th, and I thought it was positive, but it was pretty faint. I picked up two more tests that day and took them when I got home. Both were positive and almost immediately. I told Dustin the morning of Wednesday, October 13th. My heart was pounding – this was going to be a big change for us! We are both so excited!
Movement: None
Food cravings: None
Gender: Not yet
What I miss: Now that we know we’re expecting, wine, cosmos, and sushi
Milestones: The baby is the size of a poppy seed.

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